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seriesOne Liva Fund LIVA Fund

Invest in DeFi in a managed, secure and compliant way and earn S&P 500 comparable returns with very low risk

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What is the LIVA fund?

The LIVA fund is a Bahamas Securities Commission registered fund that invests in DeFi Products. The purpose of the fund is to provide liquid, secure, and stable investment returns over time on behalf of professional (i.e. institutional and qualified) investors, who seek portfolio exposure to yield producing digital asset vaults in DeFi.

Uniquely, the LIVA fund is a DeFi fund managed by proprietary AI (Artificial Intelligence) driven algorithms targeted at investors more comfortable with traditional investments.

Objective of LIVA fund

  • Yieldster Stable, predictable returns between 15-25% with no or minimal risk to the principal
  • Yieldster Market neutral strategy
  • Yieldster Build a portfolio with the most attractive Risk/Reward Ratio in the DeFi Space
  • Yieldster Investment process for crypto products that is familiar to traditional investors
  • Yieldster No need to convert from fiat to crypto and vice versa by utilizing stable coins
  • Yieldster Fast time to market – average three months or less compared to building a solution, which would take a minimum of one year


  • Topic Accuracy
    • ensure that we have accurate and auditable NAV (Net Asset Value) calculations
  • Topic Secure system protecting from misuse and hacking
    • access controls – being able to control who is able to invest and withdraw from the fund
    • System of checks and balances with multiple authentications ensuring that no single entity can access and manipulate algorithms, steal, or misuse user data

Challenges Addressed

  1. There is no single viable protocol in DeFi that reliably produces 15 – 25% returns, which means that in order to achieve that goal we needed to stack returns of different protocols.
  2. Fast-moving 24/7 market requires active 24/7 monitoring.
  3. Avoid extreme volatility of many crypto assets whereby protecting principal.
  4. Complexity of the integration of different underlying protocols – complexity drives cost and risk.
  5. The ultra-short lifecycle of the products we invest in requires constant maintenance and development of protocol integrations.
  6. Development cost of building the platform is prohibitive.
  7. Finding the talent in this space is difficult – there are a limited number of experts in this space.


To earn S&P comparable returns with lower risk and no beta (volatility) exposure, using the Yieldster DeFi Technology Platform and an autonomous, proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to deploy liquidity across over-collateralized stable-coin lending and yield farming protocols in the DeFi space.

Asset Selection

  • Topic Stable Coins and approved core assets (ETH/BTC)
  • Topic Must be at least 6 months old and must have maintained peg for at least 6 months
  • Topic Must have sufficient liquidity (investment size <5% of available liquidity)

Protocol & Digital asset vault selection

  • Topic Insurance available on NexusMutual for <5% annual premium
  • Topic Investment exposure in any pool is limited to a maximum of 5% of its total assets
  • Topic At least 6 months in existence
  • Topic Low risk of impermanent loss risk
  • Topic Exchange rates must be hedge-able


Fund Manager

seriesOne Capital (Bahamas) Ltd.


Type seriesOne Liva Fund A/C
Asset Class USDT, Stable Coins
Secondary Trading not applicable
Shares Base Currency USD
Subscription Notice 5 BD
Redemption Notice 2 BD
Average Target Return 10% to 25% p.a.
Subscriptions Monthly
Redemptions Quarterly
Min. Holding $500,000
Min. Investment $500,000
Reporting Monthly
Domicile Bahamas
Jurisdiction of Regulation Bahamas
Financial Year End 30 April
Status Open-ended
Fund Inception June 1, 2021


Management Fees 2%
Performance Fees 20%
Hurdle Rate 2%
Subscription Fees none
Redemption Fees (within first 90 days) 1%

Service Providers

Administrator Trident Fund Services
Broker & Custodian Weiser Global Capital Markets
Auditor HLB Galanis & Co.

Not available to U.S. Investors


Growth of 10,000 (USD):

LIVA Fund Performance

Steps to invest

Steps to invest in the seriesOne LIVA Fund:

  • Offering memorandum signed and account open at Weiser Capital Bahamas
  • FIAT is transferred to Weiser Capital
  • Weiser Capital converts FIAT to crypto by purchasing USDC
  •  USDC is then sent to a multi signature wallet (Gnosis or Meta Mask)
  • The USDC is sent from the multi signature wallet to a Yieldster vault
  • The multi signature wallet then receive their share of the Yieldster vault in the form of tokens
  • The tokens are once again held in the multi signature wallet
  • The Yieldster vault deposits the USDC in AAVE (A lending protocol)
    • A borrower will deposit 1 ETH or $4000 worth of Ethereum to borrow $2000 USDC
    • Yieldster will hold on the 1 ETH
    • Yieldster will charge interest on the $2000 borrowed
    • Two options to undo the transactions:
      • The borrower pays back the $2000 and receives back ETH
      • The price of ETH drops to $3000. Yieldster will sell the 1 ETH, hold on to the $2000 + fees and give back the remaining to the borrower
  • When Yieldster deposits USDC into AAVE it receives back a coupon representing its loan
  • The coupon is then deposited a market making pool to provide liquidity for buy/sell the coupon
  • The market making pool will receive trading fees in exchange for providing liquidity for the coupon
  • When depositing in a market making pool, you receive back a token representing your share of the market making pool
  • The market making share is then deposited in a staking safe where the share is locked up for a period of time and in exchange receives a greater share of the fees
  • The process of Step 8 and onward is repeated with different protocols and lending pools, hence stacking the yields and all governed by smart contract and Yieldster proprietary algorithm deployed by seriesOne LIVA Fund


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seriesOne Capital (Bahamas) Ltd.

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